Petra Ecclestone: Fashion Designer

Petra, daughter of Bernie, the infamous Formula 1 magnate, has dropped her dreams of becoming a TV superstar (lame hint towards her stint with her sister on the British adaptation of ‘The Simple Life’) and has instead turned her talents towards men’s fashion and becoming a designer at the tender age of 19.

Ordinarily, you might think that’s a bit fucking young and she’d probably be better off modelling for other designers (she’s already done this, I know) but in this case, I think she might just be on to something.

The styles are seemingly classic with trenches and flat-fronted trousers aplenty, but you still have to wonder whether going this route and taking on more established labels such as Ralph Lauren or even Brioni is going to work, even with all her daddy’s squillions behind her.

She’s got the first step right though; Harrod’s have already signed up to stock the label.


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