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Cheer Up Clothing Launch A/W 2010 Collection

Cheer Up Clothing Launch A/W 2010 Collection - Thumbnail Image

Cheer Up Clothing celebrate their 3rd Anniversary with the release of their A/W 2010 Collection.  Surrey based best friends and co-founders Edward Thomas and Matt Barnes set up the Cheer Up Clothing Line in order to unite their love of music and fashion.  With their home drawn designs now becoming sold out best sellers, Cheer
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Pretty Green A/W 2010 Green Label Collection

Pretty Green A/W 2010 Green Label Collection - Thumbnail Image

Pretty Green is a British clothing label founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. The label has two distinct collections: the Green Label – a focused, casual range dedicated to providing quality, everyday signature pieces; and the Black Label – classic British tailoring using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail. The Green Label A/W
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The Brand New King Apparel AW10 Range

The Brand New King Apparel AW10 Range - Thumbnail Image

The brand new King Apparel AW10 collection has just been released, with a second delivery hitting the shelves in November. Since their launch seven years ago, King Apparel has been striving to create clothing that represents the pinnacle of the UK street wear movement.  Their motivation is and has always been: to develop and grow a brand independently, run
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Breath of Fresh Air – Art of the Trench by Burberry

Breath of Fresh Air – Art of the Trench by Burberry - Thumbnail Image

Ok, I know what you’re saying, are you crazy?! Burberry are renowned for their Trench Coats! Let me tell you something, when you see the video below followed by the website you will say “Moses was right, that was a Breath of Fresh Air”. The Youtube link below is the pre launch video of “The
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Snow Protection: Hollister Desert Springs

Snow Protection: Hollister Desert Springs - Thumbnail Image

As I’ve just walked through what was technically a blizzard, I’ve decided I need to renegotiate my winter wardrobe and buy some warmer stuff.  So much for global warming eh?  Anyway, as per the usual I went over the top and started looking for the simplest, most practical and warm overcoat I could find starting
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Fo’ Shawl

Fo’ Shawl - Thumbnail Image

Its nearly Christmas and party season is definitely upon us. Bringing you more news on current trends, here is one that has really stuck out this A/W 09; the shawl collar. Adding a interesting touch to your bog-standard peacoat. Here is the current offering from Obey, The Boddington Jacket. Its quilted lining is gauranteed to keep you
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The Brooklyn Circus Varsity Jacket

The Brooklyn Circus Varsity Jacket - Thumbnail Image

Even though The Brooklyn Circus isn’t new to the varsity jacket game, as it’s been an established product in their range from the get go, it seems as it’s on a real comeback lately with other labels also adding it to their lines. The BKc brings us two colourways, an all black and a black with
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Nike Sportswear Fall/Winter ’09

Nike Sportswear Fall/Winter ’09 - Thumbnail Image

Since it’s emergence onto the scene in 2008, Nike Sportwear have ultimately stepped up their game a lot in terms of fashion. You can strut down the street rockin’ your Nike garms without thinking twice about it, not only that but you’ll get a lot of heads turning with this latest collection. Usually notable for
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Summer (sh)jackets

Summer (sh)jackets - Thumbnail Image

Okay so a bit biased as one of us is wearing this while posting, but hey it fits like a glove and looks great with only the top one/two buttons done up. Its nice and light weight for S/S and although unfortunately not flannel, you can still pretend you’re Easy-E (pre AIDS). Heres what the Topman blog had
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Carhartt Exec Shirt Jacket – The Perfect Spring Combo

Carhartt Exec Shirt Jacket – The Perfect Spring Combo - Thumbnail Image

Is it a shirt?  Is it a jacket?  The answer, of course, is a resounding ‘yes’ to to both – this innovative piece by Carhartt isn’t exactly ground-breaking but takes cues from last year’s flannel-shirt-boom to create a fantastically practical piece that everyone should be vying for this spring.

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