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King Apparel x Starter Black Label: Pre-Orders

King Apparel x Starter Black Label: Pre-Orders - Thumbnail Image

[UPDATE]: Pre-Orders are now almost sold out with 85% of stock having already been purchased as part of the pre-sale window.  If you want one of these snapbacks, then head over to the King Apparel store now.  Delivery is expected during the week of 14 February. We really do love design talent deriving from our
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The Brand New King Apparel AW10 Range

The Brand New King Apparel AW10 Range - Thumbnail Image

The brand new King Apparel AW10 collection has just been released, with a second delivery hitting the shelves in November. Since their launch seven years ago, King Apparel has been striving to create clothing that represents the pinnacle of the UK street wear movement.  Their motivation is and has always been: to develop and grow a brand independently, run
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Hella Tight Snapbacks & Fitteds

Hella Tight Snapbacks & Fitteds - Thumbnail Image

Just before Christmas i noticed that my favourite grey snap back cap had lost it’s shape (actual cause unknown, but some say alcohol and certain acts of misdemeanor played a part in it’s demise), so i thought i’d get a new one. After a couple failed shopping attempts i came across Hella Tight, whose wide
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See Into the Future?

See Into the Future? - Thumbnail Image

This time last year there was some discussion about these bad boys. They first came on the ‘Nerd’s radar funnily via the N*E*R*D “Everyone Nose (Remix)” video on your boy Pharrell. Oh how we chuckled to ourselves, then something was brought up. Go back and peep the video for N*E*R*D “She Wants To Move” March 2004
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How To Look Good Riding Your Bicycle

How To Look Good Riding Your Bicycle - Thumbnail Image

It’s one of those horrible things about modern day life – health and safety always has to come first and often this is at the expense of looking good; having to wear a helmet when on your bicycle is no exception.  Well, this could be the solution to your ‘looking-good-when-cycling’ issues (well at least one
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