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Just before Christmas i noticed that my favourite grey snap back cap had lost it’s shape (actual cause unknown, but some say alcohol and certain acts of misdemeanor played a part in it’s demise), so i thought i’d get a new one. After a couple failed shopping attempts i came across Hella Tight, whose wide selection of caps lead me to the Calavera fitted & Land of the Kings Snapback.

Now i’m not the biggest fan in fitteds, as i my head always seems to be between sizes, but i’d thought i’d give this one a go just because of the detail in material they choose for there caps. The Calavera fitted is made fom 100% grey wool with an embroided candy skull on the front & the Hella Tight logo embroided in pink on the back. What stood out for me though was the under bill made from yellow satin & a yellow leather top button. The Land of the Kings Snapback is a collaboration between Hella Tight and U-N-I (till this day i still have ‘Beautiful Day’ on rotation, just love it) and boasts the iconic LA Lakers colours of purple & yellow. The snapback is yellow along with yellow satin for the under bill and top button & the front portion of the cap is somewhat narrower than the Calavera cap.

I originally bought both caps direct from Hella Tight but the Calavera is no longer on their site. A limited size is still available at CraniumFitteds.

If you do decide to go direct at Hella Tight not only will you be getting your hands on the highest quality headwear possiblet at now either $15 or $25, but $10 from every purchase made on Hella Tight until Sunday 15th February will be donated to the Haiti Reilef Fund. Check below for a close up on the caps.


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I love these hats!

JC added these pithy words on Feb 09 10 at 5:28 pm

We sell Hella Tight, they are the BOMB.

Fitted.nl added these pithy words on Jul 09 10 at 12:53 pm

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