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Tom Ford Dives into Denim

Tom Ford Dives into Denim - Thumbnail Image

Being such a well respected player in the world of men’s fashion many have asked the question ‘why does Tom Ford not do jeans?’. Well your prayers have been answered as the ecclectic American designer has decided to dip his toes into the already congested pool that is the world of mens jeans. Find out
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Top 5…Alternative Denim Brands

Top 5…Alternative Denim Brands - Thumbnail Image

When preparing to buy that new pair of jeans our first thought when it comes to brand choice is usually the imperious names of  Diesel and Levis. Now we’re not disputing that these are two of the biggest players in the denim game but that being said this makes them all that more common in
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Evisu Custom Pocket Denim Jeans

Evisu Custom Pocket Denim Jeans - Thumbnail Image

If you have ever wanted to make a statement on your body in the way of a tattoo, but never had the bottle or pain tolerance then this solution from Evisu could be right up your street; plain indigo selvedge denim with customisable rear-pockets available in a variety of options.

Ever Wanted To Make Your Own Jeans? Now You Can.

Ever Wanted To Make Your Own Jeans?  Now You Can. - Thumbnail Image

For some time now, a number of companies have enabled the bespoke manufacture of clothing to be introduced to the masses, largely due to the emergence of web-based companies and outsourcing of manufacturing processes to cheaper countries such as China.   Finally, this process has been applied to the jeans industry so you can now
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