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Etre Autumn/Winter 2012

Etre Autumn/Winter 2012 - Thumbnail Image

Utilitarian, British brand Etre have released their latest products to keep you warm in the coming months.  In great British tradition, the materials consist of high quality wools (worsted, Melton, cashmere etc) and supreme craftsmanship. Head over to Etre now to see more.

Carga Bags

Carga Bags - Thumbnail Image

Carga bags use industrial materials and techiques that you would not expect from a bag but who cares? They look great! This Collection is made from the type of wool felt that you expect from the lining of your boot in your car, which is complimented with a lovely distressed tan leather strap.

Medicom Toy X Porter X Maharishi Luggage Collection

Medicom Toy X Porter X Maharishi Luggage Collection - Thumbnail Image

Each company that was involved in this project contributed in their own unique way to make this a great well balanced project! First of all we can see that Maharishi have quite clearly come to the table with their trademark print which works perfectly with the whole of this luggage collection. Secondly, Medicom provided the
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Paul Smith Old School Mini Range

Paul Smith Old School Mini Range - Thumbnail Image

The folks at Paul Smith have released this semi-retro range of old school Mini print accessories. The car used in the image prints is the actual ‘Paul Smith’ mini which has been photographed by Paul Smith’s favorite tree (random). The range itself is pretty dam cool, as well as releasing a whole range of luggage
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