Converse CT Lite Ox – For Those Of You Blessed With Small Feet

Converse CT Lite High Top

Converse CT Lite High Top

With sizes only ranging up to a women’s UK 8 (EUR 41) the cut of this sleek new line from Converse will only fit those who firstly, have small enough feet and secondly, are daring enough to buy what are essentially women’s shoes.

Converse CT Lite Charcoal

Converse CT Lite Charcoal

Converse CT Lite Yellow

Converse CT Lite Yellow

If you qualify for the first part and can get over the second, these pumps are a delight and are a definite improvement in comfort over the classic All Star, which we all know and love.

Admittedly, the hardened Converse fans will turn their noses up at the change in design, but the move shows that the company is looking to widen their range and lead what could possibly be a new trend in the plimsoll/pump arena.

Several colourways and both the low and high top variants are available at £35-40 from the online Office store.

Originally, I stumbled across these in the Size concession within Selfridges (London) and have had trouble spotting them anywhere else (including the Official Converse Store) other than in Office – so this could well be an Office/Size exclusive.


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