The Ultimate in Skincare? – Creme de la Mer

Creme de la Mer

Creme de la Mer

Ok, this cream has – for years – been vaunted by skin-obsessed aficionados and celebrities over the globe.  The thing is, it always seems to be talked about by women to other women, and just for once we, at Stylenerds, felt that perhaps men should indeed give the product a try, in order to witness some of its ‘miracle’ qualities.  Let’s face it – if it can fix up the face of a man who has been maimed by severe burns from a chemical explosion (its inventor) then surely it can smooth out the face of an average joe?

Creme de la Mer is essentially a concoction made from seaweed, flowers, egg yolk and wheat germ, which have been distilled in a particular way.  After 12 years of toying with various ingredients and experimenting at the back of his garden, Dr. Max Huber eventually stumbled upon the winning formula.  (I’m convinced that he may have actually damaged his face whilst concocting these potions.)

Anyhow, looking through review sites such as here reveals an overall positive vibe for this cream, although there are obviously instances whereby the user in question either failed to notice the difference or decided to bitch about the cream they couldn’t afford.  Or maybe the cream just didn’t work.  You can be the judge.

For all this miracle-type action, you expect to pay the price –  just as you would if Jesus were to rise and heal you in much the same way.  For £88.09 plus £5.50 in the form of delivery charge, you get 30ml of cream to slap on your face.  Check the La Mer online shop to purchase some for yourself and let us know how you get on.


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Hello all – I would like to say that I tried Estee Lauder Creme de la Mer its it did NOTHING for my skin.

It is very expensive at $165 for 2 ounces! It was supposedly to heal burns received in an accident; The reality is that this very chemical laden cream doesn’t contain anything particularly extraordinary ingredients. In fact, the majority of ingredients can be found in CVS-Brand Moisturizers.

For long term effect on wrinkles and a treatment that naturally aided my skin, I used the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum from the Made from Earth skin care line. This serum uses natural organic ingredients to improve your skin cells around your eyes and I have already seen a MAJOR DIFFERENCE AROUND MY EYES.

In 3 days around my eyes, I have seen a reduction in the fine lines. . You can actually feel it working right after you put it on. . . .I highly recommend it as an EX-crème de la mer user….and a woman who is healthy…and a woman who is tired of all the different expensive creams out that that make promises that they do not live up to….you can find them at

I recently switched to only using face creams that contain real plants, fruits and/or juices. No more chemicals for me! Chemicals in skincare products will cause your skin to sag in the long run. That’s because those chemicals don’t belong there and impact your skins elasticity.

paula qults added these pithy words on Mar 20 09 at 4:57 pm

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