Moses likes… Kiks TYO X Shanadoo X Yuko New Releases !!

Kiks TYO X Shanadoo

Kiks TYO X Shanadoo

Following my previous article (including a saucy photo shoot! video). The first release between Shanadoo and Kiks TYO is now available on pre-order. This will be the first of 4 tees to be released as a part of this collaboration.

Another available release is from the Yuko Ishida series. This is the second Yuko Ishida tee for S/S 2009 and is vastly different from the usual Kiks TYO tee, for a start it’s black and the background detail reminds me of Tron.

Anyway, less about Tron and more about the release details…as you know, these tees, especially the sneakers x girls ones (these ones!) do get snapped up quite quickly for some reason…so get clicking!

They are ONLY availiable on pre-order from Kiks TYO directly and are available on pre order until 4th January.

Check out the pics below!







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That\’s going to make thgins a lot easier from here on out.

Joeie added these pithy words on Jan 07 12 at 10:43 am

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