Credit Crunch Tip: Shop at Oxfam online

Oxfam Online Shop

Oxfam Online Shop

As always, we’re keen to help our readers through this financial crisis and although most people will argue that spending on fashion is ill-advised at the moment, there are still ways you can get your fashion fix, without having to spend the earth.  A little secret that not many people are aware of is the Oxfam Online Clothes Shop, so here is the Stylenerds guide to what could be the fashion tip of the year.

The Oxfam store has 6 clothing categories ranging from Suits to Swimwear.  They have also made it really easy to find the item you are after by classifying their stock via Price, Condition and Brand too.  So you won’t have to end up with a ragged old t-shirt if you don’t want.  (Obviously a lot of people do want the vintage look too).

Anyway – now, you have no excuse not to do something good for the world and head to Oxfam for your fashion fix, without the worry of embarrassment. And in terms of your fashion expenditure, you could look at it this way; by buying cheaper clothes and accessories, you are saving on the potential cost of you splashing at designer boutiques!

Postage is charged at a flat rate of £3.50 per order, no matter how many items you add to your basket and they even offer a free returns service in case those skinnies you eyed up are just too tight.

Head over to the Oxfam Second-Hand Store right now.


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