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Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng

Boateng brings the unique design ethic of Ozwald Boateng to a broader range of clients. Drawing inspiration of “The Old School Tie” and the essence of British Public Schools and their sporting heritage, the collection is firmly rooted in tradition, but interpreted in a fundamentally modern way.

Even the “B” of the Boateng logo has been depicted as a school uniform shield on blazers and jeans. With a stronger emphasis on casual pieces, this collection demonstrates Ozwald Boateng’s ability to take menswear design beyond Saville Row tailoring. Whilst there is a limited amount of his trademark suiting in each collection, Boateng also showcases jeans, casual trousers and jackets/overcoats with a range of technical knitwear (whatever that means.)

This is accessorized with a range of trainers, socks, belts, ties and cufflinks. Unfortunately we have no images to show you as of yet but check back soon for an update on the collection and if you can pop into the Ozwald B store in Saville Row London.


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Hot Range!!! 🙂 such smart wear for boys in London 😉

Label Lover! added these pithy words on Mar 18 10 at 12:37 pm

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