ToyWatch: The Valentine Gift For You To Give (Or To Share…)

ToyWatch Valentines Special

ToyWatch Valentines Special

There’s nothing better than finding a suitable gift for your other half that you could sneakily use/keep for yourself and ToyWatch is one of those that fits the bill.

Featured on the ToyWatch USA site is the Fluo Red variant, which is a great alternative to the black and white ones sported by celebs across the world.

Originally conceived by Italian designer Marco Mavilla in 2006, the ToyWatch and it’s now-global following has erupted in the fashion world with celebrities left, right and centre taking notice and purchasing what has become a modern classic.

Designed with the mechanical quality of other luxury watch brands, the ToyWatch adds a twist with its anti-luxury looks. The lower-priced models in the range are, in fact, made of plastic to emphasise the brand’s bold statement but higher priced models are made of ceramic, which adheres more closely to the luxury-brand rivals including Rado and Tag Heuer.

The Valentines-featured Fluo Red watch is available in the UK as an online exclusive to Jules B and if you are located near to one of their stores in the North East then you can pick one up for the measly sum of just £110. Otherwise, get on the phone to them to see if you can organise quick shipping for tomorrow if you are buying a pressie for your girlfriend/wife/mistress.

Check out some of the featured males celebs directly from the ToyWatch USA site:

Michael Jordan

Jerry Ferrara

Randy Jackson

Taye Diggs

Red Toy Watch


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Comments ( 3 )

I got this red one! well worth it. Might also be available on the 1st floor of Selfridges for you Londoners!

Moses added these pithy words on Feb 13 09 at 4:46 pm

I got an amazing deal on a ToyWatch at It was red just like that last picture.

Nicholas added these pithy words on Jun 11 12 at 11:04 am

>Okay, so this is definitely a shop I have to stop by, the next time I’m in London. Which is hofleuply soon. I also loved the post about the furniture (Liberty Lounging), I could live in this space without any rearranging. And you’ve done really fantastic displays. Amazing. I’d definitely wear the dress on the left in the first picture, well it had to be sewn for me, no pins in my general direction. LolThanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’ll definitely post pics of the collars as soon as I made them. I ran into a few problems when I couldn’t get the needed supplies today. They are also a really good gift idea, a lot of friends of mine are having their birthdays in spring. Something selfmade again. Wohoo.

Felipe added these pithy words on Dec 21 12 at 7:04 pm

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