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Now, we are not going to make a habit of featuring ‘gadgety’ stuff on the website but we felt that this one deserved a mention. Known simply as ‘Cool Guy’, this unique application allows you to categorize your whole wardrobe in the palm of your hand.

More info on this ‘Cool’ app after the jump.

The main premise behind the app is that you take pictures (using your iPhone of course) of each item in your wardrobe, the app then categorizes your clothes allowing you to browse through what you have with ease. No more ploughing through your draws/wardrobe in a mad dash before your night out. It even has a ‘cool’ feature that allows you to create an outfit, saving you the hassle of trying things on to see how they look, instead you can just have a little test run on your iPhone whilst bored in the office. Good times!

Another interseting feature is the ‘suitcase’ function which allows you to go through your wardrobe picking out specific items that you’d like to pack and placing them in the ‘suitcase’ allowing you to go through it before you leave making sure you have actually packed everything that you wanted to take with you on your trip away.

All in all the application does live up to it’s ‘cool’ name, if you can be bothered with the trouble of capturing images for each item of clothing you own then i can definitly see how this app would come in handy. Check out the CoolGuy website for info on how to get the application, and before you ask, yes it is free!

Cool Guy will help you:

– Create the look you want with our powerful interface which displays all your closet stuff simultaneously. Scroll by category and pick items you want for your outfits. Filter your results to narrow the selection (e.g. search only for summer clothes).

– Re-discover what’s in your closet and never buy duplicate items again. You will be surprised of what you already have in your closet.

– Stop wearing the same clothes/outfits over and over again. Use more of your clothes to create new outfits. Fish out your jeans or the jacket you never had time to match with your clothes and add them easily to new or existing outfits.

– Shop Smarter. Browse your “wish” clothes against your clothes and outfits, create new outfits, even share them with your friends for a feedback.

– Get reminded for gear you need when shopping. Use notes to remind yourself about things you are missing in your closet (e.g. buy black socks).

– Pack for your travel with no hassle. Just pick the outfits and gear from your closet and place them in your suitcase. Travel notes will help you not forget your toothbrush.

– Share your stuff with your friends. Let your friends be your fashion consultants. Celebrities have theirs, why shouldn’t you have yours?


Cool Guy App

Cool Guy App


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Comments ( 4 )

i find applications like this not so easy to use and they require way too much set up time

that's hideous added these pithy words on Feb 19 09 at 7:31 am

Just downloaded their app for girls and I love it : ) it´s cute and trendy and… practical for Stylish Girls 🙂 my all my girlfriends have Stylish Girl and it´s fun


Bella added these pithy words on Feb 20 09 at 12:27 pm

cool guy…very cool…nice flow…crafted details and interesting features..like the suitcase…very user friendly. So guys, if you are into organizing your stuff…go for it. Nothing to lose after all..it’s free to download.

fashionmind added these pithy words on Feb 20 09 at 4:09 pm

I think using Closetviewer.com is much easier, gives you more features, and since almost none of my friends have an iphone, it gives them the ability to use this.

Plus, I don’t have to worry about my iphone getting lost/stolen and someone else knowing everything in my closet.

Brittany Matthews added these pithy words on Jun 10 09 at 12:04 pm

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