Kanye West X Louis Vuitton Sneaker Collaboration

1st July ’09 marks a very special day, not only is it the first day of July (and an extremely scorching hot day at that) and not only is it my first post since… ermmm… a very long time!… but the much anticipated collaboration between Kanye West X Louis Vuitton have finally been released.

If you head on over to your nearest Louis Vuitton store, you’ll be able to choose from three models The Don, The Jasper and the Mr Hudson.

The Don, which i personally think is the better of the bunch, are being relesed in three colourways, black, red and tan/purple. Theirs two details that stand out on this design, firstly the heel tab acts like a guard for tucking in the back of your jeans (genius in my opinion) and the tassles at the end of the laces that give it a more sophisticated look to it (some say it resembles tassles on the end of a drapery… but lets not go there).

The Jasper, a somewhat classic version of the Nike Air Yeezy’s (which to be honest i’m not really digging… although if i was given the Net/Net colourways, you may be lucky enough to see me wear them!), are being released in all black, all white and grey with a pink sole. Once again the heel tab is a nice touch to these hi-tops along with the thin strap towards the top of the tongue.

Finally the Mr Hudson, taking on a boat/deck shoe design, are being released in a all white and a grey/pink colourway. Definately one two rock with your shorts or your roll up trouser/ankle swinger look.

Right!… now comes the important bit, a standard pair of these sneakers will cost you $870 and above and beyond. However nice these sneakers may be, and however nice they will be rockin with your garms this summer, the price tag is way too high, but it’s what you expect from a collaboration between two high fashion labels (debateable maybe, but i think we can call Kanye West a label).

Check out the sneakers below.


















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Kanye has been quoted as saying the heel tab on The Don was inspired by the fashion of the Bene Gesserit throne-room scene in the movie Dune.
Its a very nice touch in my opinion.

7oel added these pithy words on Jul 02 09 at 11:44 am

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