It’s Officially Summertime, so Show off Your Torso with a Braun bodycruZer

The sun has been blazing this week in London, with temperatures reaching highs of 37 celcius, so there couldn’t be a better time to start grooming and show off that physique that’s hiding behind that bodyhair.  The Stylenerds team have been provided a Braun bodycruZer by the nice guys over at Porter Novelli (NY) to try out.  Read more after the jump.


According to statistics we have been provided, 57% of men would like to change their body grooming practices if they received a negative reaction from a sexual partner; personally, I’m surprised this percentage wasn’t higher.

The Braun bodycruZer is a 2-in-1 trimmer and shaver with each part capable of being used individually, or in Combination Mode to create less work by trimming medium-to-long hair growth followed by a wet shave with the supplied Fusion blade in just one stroke.


Ergonomically, the device feels really comfortable in the hand and is appropriately styled, giving the bodycruZer a good form factor.  It’s also not too large, as can be the case with some electric shavers so it’s perfect as an all-in-one device to take with you on your travels – this definitely seems to be the intention as you can use it on both your body and your face.  Braun have even made the bodycruZer waterproof so it’s usable in the shower.

In use, the trimmer and the wet-shave blade work perfectly and as expected.  The Fusion line of razors of Gillette as renown for the quality of shave they provide, and the trimmer works just as well on the thicker body hair, as it does on the facial hair, allowing for a groomed stubble look.  It’s supplied with 3 attachable combs to allow trimming to different lengths, including a comb for more sensitive areas, if the standard trimmer setting is too close for comfort.

As a combination product – using the razor and trimmer in tandem – was a little less successful, and appears to better in theory than in practice.  You are probably better off just using them each individually, which provides the result you need anyway; simply trim long hair with the trimmer, then wet shave for a clean look, if desired.

The battery, when fully charged is good for 50 minutes of wireless shaving – the unit is also supplied with a charging base for easy recharging when the battery runs out.


The retail price of the unit is suggest at $69.99 – $79.99 (roughly £40-50) and should be arriving at stores near you very soon.

Visit the Braun bodycruZer site for more information.

Braun bodycruZer - wet

Braun bodycruZer

Braun bodycruZer


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[…] It’s Officially Summertime, so Show off Your Torso with a Braun bodycruZer […]

Gillette Loves The Stylenerds – The New “Fusion Power Gamer” [Update] | added these pithy words on Jul 21 09 at 10:11 am

That is a great idea. Let’s be honest… It is summertime. Who wouldn’t want a perfect torso?

Men's Fashion Deals added these pithy words on Jul 07 09 at 7:52 am

at I have 2 blue, one in the car for use after work and going out, or for that afternoon mentieg needing a tidy up. The other is in my bathroom. I use a Noralco for both head and face and the M60 gives me a smoother finish off, especially arround the lower neck and back of the head and the moist ache area. Love it Reply

Ismail added these pithy words on Dec 21 12 at 2:52 pm

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