Gillette Loves The Stylenerds – The New “Fusion Power Gamer” [Update]

8 July 2009 – Update

After taking a good look at the contents of this snazzy new Mezzi briefcase, which included the new razor from the Gillette stable along with spare blades, a bottle each of Fusion HydraGel and Fusion HydraCool and a pack of Gillette disposable razors (Cool Plus 3), the mission is to pit the disposables (and high quality ones at that) against the new Gillette Fusion Power Gamer on each side of the face, for a week.

On first impression, it seems like a non-starter since even the original Mach 3 was far superior to any razor at the time – especially disposable razors.  However, having used various razors including the Mach 3, the Fusion and several lines from other manufacturers including Wilkinson Sword; The Stylenerds are certainly up for the challenge.

The Gamer comes in 2 flavours – ‘Manual‘ and ‘Power‘, with ‘Power’ obviously referring to the battery powered ‘micropulses‘ that apparently reduce friction and provide a smoother shave.  In addition, the Gamer now includes a microchip to help moderate these ‘micropulses’ for consistent power throughout the shave.

Read more about the razor over at the Gillette Fusion Gamer site and keep your eyes on this post for updates throughout the week.

7 July 2009

Ok, I haven’t actually been to Stylenerds HQ yet to check this parcel out, but from the pictures I have been sent initially, it would appear that Gillette have sent us some kind of Top Secret mission and require us to document whatever-it-is-they-want-us-to-do.

Anyhow, we thought it was only fair to share this with our readers, so keep an eye on this post for progress…

Gillette Briefcase

Gillette Briefcase

Gillette Briefcase Contents

Gillette Briefcase Contents

Gillette Briefcase Contents In Detail

Gillette Briefcase Contents In Detail


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