White Vans… So Fresh, So Clean

A few weeks back, a couple of us Stylenerds went out to celebrate a fellow friends ‘Born Day’… hours later, with numerous amounts of alcohol consumed, i somehow managed to stumble my way home. Waking up the next morning i gaze over to the end of my bed to find that my pristine white Vans era’s were… well, not pristine anymore!!! take a look at Fig 1. Astonishing, i know!… i still cant recall how they ended up like that. So instead of going out to buy me some brand new ones, i thought I’d have a go at ‘trying’ to clean them.

Right… so i armed myself with the following ammo… Vanish Prewash Spay Oxi Action Intelligence Plus, Vanish Stain Remover Oxi Action Intelligence Crystal White Plus, White Spirit, Kiwi Select Sport Whitener, a large plastic bowl/bucket, a hard bristle brush, a pillow case and a washing machine.

1. I delaced the sneakers and applied the Vanish Prewash Spray onto them all. As i waited for the foam to soak into the material i prepared the washing machine with the Vanish Stain Remover.

2. Once the foam wasn’t visible anymore i put the laces and the sneakers into a pillow case, tied it up securely (not to tight as you have to allow room for the sneakers to move) and threw them in the wash.

3. As you can see from Fig 2 the laces had completely whitened, although not much could be said for the sneakers. They were cleaner but you still wouldn’t rock them yet. Once dried i then applied the white spirit to the sneakers and using some elbow grease with the brush i started to scrub against the harder, heavier stains, which you can see in Fig 3. I left them to dry over night.

4.  The next day i filled up the large bowl with hot water and poured in a small measurement of the Vanish Stain Remover. I left the sneakers to soak in the bowl overnight again.

5.  As you can see in Fig 4, once dry the sneakers turned out pretty clean. Even though they had a couple of light stains, they were barely noticible so you could start to wear them from now, knowing that they will eventually get dirty again. But to me that wasn’t good enough…

6. I applied two coats of the Kiwi Sport Whitener, let them dry… and Voila!, you have Fig 5.

So after a little trial and error, i would suggest starting from step 3, as you need to get the heavier oily stains out of the trainers first before their allowed to soak into the material.

Hit up the comments if you have any other tips and tricks of your own that you want to share.

Fig 1

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 5


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wow. that’s really amazing. don’t really have sneaker tips. but i know oxiclean works wonders on shirts!

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nice were u buy that at

ahh added these pithy words on Jun 14 10 at 7:26 pm


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