22 Design Studio – Lord of the Rings?

The people behind 22 design studio are Taiwanese Design Graduates, Sean Yu & Yi-Ting Cheng. Why the number 22? Simple. They have kept their passion and ideals for fashion design since they were 22 years old. Their most popular product out at the moment is the Concrete Ring series. They chose to use concrete as their choice of material because it represents their admiration for architecture in Taiwan, Japan and is also a very unique material once exposed to the elements, which is why no two rings will ever be identical.

22 Design Studio Concrete Rings are available from their website 6a00d83455c78869e201156ea602a6970c-400wi6a00d83455c78869e201156f9f053e970b-400wi3613741117_a268f36a933613742417_9c420d6e6econcrete_rings_by_22_designstudio_yatzer_5concrete_rings_by_22_designstudio_yatzer_9


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Great post.

I think they certainly are the “lord of the rings”

Schmidty added these pithy words on Aug 18 09 at 10:19 am

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