Braun Series 3 390CC: That really was a close shave, Gromit!

At first I was quite pessimistic at using an electrical shaver as when it comes to shaving I’ve always trusted a razor, plus I’ve maintained my beard for a good 5 years now and was really reluctant to get rid of it. However the rest of the Stylenerds thought I was the correct candidate to test the new Braun Series 3 390CC, probably because I have the most facial out of the lot. So after realising that once I shave I can have a full grown beard within a week, I accepted the challenge.

Upon using it I was quite surprised at how close of a shave I had, it took every hair on my face and left it really smooth, and in no time too. Also no rashes were visible, so that’s a plus when using a new product. It flowed easily across the contours of my face and the weight and shape of the razor is actually ideal for prolonged holding, as my hands didn’t cramp up at the end of the session.

A very cool aspect of the razor is the new Clean&Renew System. Not only does it automatically clean, lubricate and charge your razor, but it does all of this while emitting a neon liquid blue glow from the base of the product. Very Cool.

It’s not as good as a wet shave from a razor, but overall I was quite impressed with the results. If you’re not that bothered with a ‘super clean shaven face’ and want something that does the job quick then the Braun Series 3 390CC should be on your Xmas list this year.



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