Vivienne Westwood – 3 Button Collar Shirt

For a very long time I have visited Selfridges Super Brands and constantly procrastinate over this 3 buttoned shirt by Vivienne Westwood but the sticking point was  always the price! How could I fully justify spending nearly £200 on a shirt?! It’s a given, it would look awesome on but £200.00?! Now I no longer need to go through that painful thought process thanks to this Korean brand called “Dangoon”.

The main details are the same with the big collar, slim cut and the three buttons at the top of the shirt by the collar. Oh it gets better gentlemen, the shirt is being sold less than a tenth YES, a TENTH of the price of the Vivienne Westwood version!!!

The shirts come in a range of colours and on the website they have suggested great outfits to go with the shirt like the cravat which, in 2010 is going to be like what the bowtie was to 2009 (check out my article on Junya Watanabe for more powerful Cravat creations). The shirt also looks great with a deep v neck knitter jumper, on it’s own on just with a simple blazer on top.

I just cannot believe how cheap these shirts are so I would snap them up fast! Oh yeah, one last thing, it comes with free international shopping…

If you have no qualms about forking out on the Vivienne Westwood, you can get it from Selfridges & Triads

The slightly cheaper offering from Dangoon is available from here




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Comments ( 5 )

Now that’s DOPE!

RoyalRJ added these pithy words on Nov 23 09 at 12:10 am

Brown buttons on the white shirt are a very nice touch. Three buttons up your neck (over your Adam’s apple) is not.

7oel added these pithy words on Nov 24 09 at 6:57 pm

Any clue about the neck size on the Dangoon Shirts?

Anonymous added these pithy words on Dec 25 09 at 2:50 am

There’s nothing specific to collar size. This is the most infor i could get for you:


Moses added these pithy words on Dec 27 09 at 8:14 am

Any Idea where i can get the 3 button collar shirt shipped to the U.S?

G. F added these pithy words on Aug 19 10 at 7:39 pm

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