We are the mods, we are the mods etc.

Okay the first day of winter 2009 was some time ago and so the ‘Nerds thought we would take a minute out to put you up on an actual style where you can involve layering up and dressing smart/casual. One that has permiated pretty much everything we wear to one degree or another. So call off the online search for free Christmas desktop wallpaper as what we are getting at is the UK sub-culture of the “Mods”.

Over the years this has taken on various forms and can be seen on everyone from the supposed Mod-father Paul Weller (don’t get me started) to the supposed King Monkey, Ian Brown. We will not insult your intelligence with the history of this.

We’ve included some pics for nostalgia/inspiration most featuring the parka jacket.  Whether you’ll be looking to the rather niftyHECTIC Gore-Tex Vintage Mountain Parka (not mod colours) or something on the cheaper end from say Uniqlo (okay I couldn’t find a link) you’ll be kept out of the winter rain.

Heres a good article by David Walker to give you an idea. So, stick on a sharp suit, throw on some Motown and you just may be voted “Best Dressed Male – Kwanzaa 2009”.

Quadrophenia 5


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These bring me back. So good to see them back in style! You should add http://www.snappylifestyle.blogspot.com to your recommended reads. Has some great stuff, just like your site.

Tania added these pithy words on Dec 02 09 at 6:58 pm

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