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This is one of the 256 items sitting on my Christmas list right now (not that fussy am I?!). Ok, so it’s strictly not fashion but what the hell, these headphones look AWESOME. I first saw these headphones (Y model/Swirl 2.0) about a year ago when I last visited Hong Kong. I loved them but once again, my friend called “procrastination” tapped me on the shoulder and so, I didn’t end up buying them! Well a year has gone by since then and like true love, I still love them and there’s a new model that has been released called Tracks.

Y Model/ Swirl were the first pair AiAiAi headphones I saw and and they come in all kinds of colours. They also have a coil-like lead and even though I am not sure what it does on a technical level, It sure does look nice!

Tracks, like the Y model has been designed by Kilo Design and the design is based on the early Walkman head phones. The slider on the Tracks headphones connecting the ear can and the head band comes in three sets of different colours which is a nice touch. AiAiAi will also be releasing a leather version of tracks soon!

I’d like to throw one last headphone into the mix and that is the retro looking Panasonic HTX7. All of these headphones are ideal posing (It’s OK, we all do it…we just don’t admit to it!) and for the commute. Oh and by the way, these headphones have very good sound quality attributes which are miles and miles better than most of the mid-market headphones out there.

Go here to see your nearest AiAiAi headphones stockist

Panasonic HTX7 is available from here or Urban Outfitters


AiAiAi - Y-Model

AiAiAi - Y-Model

AiAiAi - Tracks

AiAiAi - Tracks

Panasonic RP-HTX7

Panasonic RP-HTX7


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