From Fragrances to Watches – The Issey Miyake Watch Collection

Issey Miyake watches are another thing I have had my eye on for well over a year now. Since then, their watch collection has got a lot bigger with a wide variety of watches that are now available. However, there are 3 watches from the collection that I particularly lurve!

The Trapezoid was the first Issey Miyake watch that I had seen. The overall shape of the watch is the most striking feature to me. Even though it has these Manly gimmicks that a man apparently needs but never uses in a watch e.g: chronograph, Rotating Bezel, etc. The Trapezoid doesn’t have the typical shape of a watch that would have those features. The Bezel is very slim and steep and i have got to say, this looks ruddy beautiful! The Trapezoid comes in a range of colours and would be an ideal Christmas present if you are still stuck for ideas (And a bit of cash to spare…)

The TO Collection is a lot slimmer looking compared to the Trapezoid and it comes with less features (No bezel and no chronograph) but the dials are the main feature. I am going to go all geeky here but the dials are genius and it doesn’t take a lot of getting use to unlike a Nooka watch (Nooka’s are cool too! Just a bit tricky!).

Lastly, there’s the newer Twelve 365 which is has been designed by Naoto Fukasawa and is just as individual as the other two models. It has a 12 sided face (Yes, a Dodecagon) with minimal detail but I have to say my favourite is the brown leather strap version because it just has that classic twist to it.

Check out the whole Issey Miyake Watch collection here and to look for stockists go here.




Twelve 365

Trapezoid 2


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