Menswear, London Fashion Week Feb 2010.

Menswear day closes the end of fashion week and showing was Orschel-Read, as worn by Lady Ga Ga; even though he is a menswear designer, she still favoured his black winged trousers from last season. The show was held at The Vauxhall Fashion Scout and began with a model sporting a samurai ponytail, in a brown satin tailored suit with sharp shoulders. There were a few abstracted shaped tops with tribal and asymmetric prints, but his main theme throughout the collection was shoulder detail and clever paneling on his suits and jackets using leather, floral prints and tweeds then slotting them into the abstract shapes that he is well known for.

The next show was Omar Kashoura set in a 1940’s bistro near the Stand, put the romance back into menswear. There were a few high waisted flat fronted trousers overlaid with a thin cardigan or a soft floral satin collared shirt. The suits were tailored to look like they were from another period – but with a modern twist using modern and metallic materials – his collection is elegant and sophisticated. The show and the collection was very well thought out, in terms of how he wanted to present his collection and to set the mood.

A Child of the Jago was the last show to close the fashion week event and was in full attendance. It was held at a Shoreditch venue and a Miss Janet Jackson even managed make a swift appearance. The designer Joe Corre is the son of Vivienne Westwood, who was also there to support him. The show opened with an old man in a hat singing gypsy songs, as the show proceeded it had a eclectic and whimsical approach to menswear. There was an even percentage of casual and formal clothing in the collection; his style was very eccentric but also very wearable. The collection was strong on the whole and memorable, and the pieces that I remembered the most were the camel blazer with the white trim collar and a monkey printed t-shirt worn under a red and white trim waistcoat.

Jimmy King


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