Slendertone Face – Review

Slendertone are traditionally known for their electrical devices that stimulate your abs to make them firm – but back in 2009, they released a revolutionary new product for women that effectively does the same thing with your facial muscles to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

The Slendertone Face, available exclusively from Harrods on the high street, or the Slendertone website, is now available for men  – so it’s now black, instead of white – and stimulates the 10 groups of muscles located around the face.  It works on the basis that these muscles are no different to any other in your body, and therefore, should be treated and exercised as such to avoid them deteriorating, which can lead to drooping and sagging.

In Use

I decided to give this device a whirl on behalf of our glorious readers,  as a form of grooming product; I would do pretty much anything these days to try and regain a sense of youthfulness that has since been lost through at least a decade of late nights, cigarettes and alcohol consumption.

The device – upon first impression – reminds me of a poor man’s iPod and consists of a little electronic unit that controls the power of the electrical impulses, connected to what looks like a pair of headphones.  This ‘headpiece’ is actually applied to the sides of your face with disposable sticky pads (a pack of 12 pairs costs £25) that help the impulses penetrate your skin; I have to admit that I was fairly hesitant [read: scared] prior to trying this device, but you soon get accustomed to the strange twitches that take place across various parts of your face. In fact – you aren’t really supposed to feel the twitches and it is suggested that if this happens, you should set the device at a lower power.  The problem is that I am just an all-or-nothing kind of person and decided that I would probably miss a few sessions anyway, so this would instead make up for it.

The manual instructs you to try and use the device 5 times a week, for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. Now – I would be lying if I told you that I had managed to succeed at such an impossible demand, but I certainly gave it a good shot.

The Results

We don’t post images of ourselves on this site (we love the enigma, before you ask), so you will have to just trust what I say here and I feel that it would be hard to demonstrate the change, even in photos.

The device just works – and it wasn’t like we were in any doubt;  if you go to the gym and workout, there is a fair likelihood that you will end up with more tone and definition,  as can be found with the Slendertone machines that you apply to your abs.

My skin looks and feels less tired than it was previously, and the Slendertone Face has helped to tighten the skin – particularly under the jaw – where I had the typical late 20’s double chin that kept growing year-on-year.  Friends and colleagues have even mentioned in passing that I look fresher and more rested recently, which I can guarantee is not true as I feel as tired as I ever did before.


At £300, this device is certainly not for everyone and to be honest, it’s nothing that a good diet and a proper fitness regime wouldn’t fix.  However, I have neither of those, so this piece of kit is certainly up my street, and the fact that I can barely keep up with the routine of using this does show the extent of my laziness.  If you are anything like me and care about the way you look, I am sure you will like the Slendertone Face as much as I do.

£300. Available from Harrod’s or Slendertone.





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This is the most mental thing I have seen on the internet this week – official. I also write a men’s fashion blog which features the latest designers, styles and trends as well as product reviews.

I have vivid memories of electrocuting myself with a slendertone as a teenager when I thought I’d get a six pack by turning it up to high setting. Not one of my better ideas.

D. added these pithy words on May 12 11 at 3:39 pm

I know it all makes sense but really, who would have thought it?

Jeremy added these pithy words on Jun 03 11 at 3:37 am

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