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Snow Protection: Hollister Desert Springs

Snow Protection: Hollister Desert Springs - Thumbnail Image

As I’ve just walked through what was technically a blizzard, I’ve decided I need to renegotiate my winter wardrobe and buy some warmer stuff.  So much for global warming eh?  Anyway, as per the usual I went over the top and started looking for the simplest, most practical and warm overcoat I could find starting
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Nike Sportswear Fall/Winter ’09

Nike Sportswear Fall/Winter ’09 - Thumbnail Image

Since it’s emergence onto the scene in 2008, Nike Sportwear have ultimately stepped up their game a lot in terms of fashion. You can strut down the street rockin’ your Nike garms without thinking twice about it, not only that but you’ll get a lot of heads turning with this latest collection. Usually notable for
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