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Smudge the Bear – A Breath of Fresh Air

Smudge the Bear – A Breath of Fresh Air - Thumbnail Image

Last weekend I was wandering the streets of Shoreditch with my usual swagger but suddenly I was stopped in my tracks by Smudge the Bear. Consisting of two London-based fresh faced lads Smudge the Bear also come with with fresh ideas! Their approach is very different from all the other up and coming brands in
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Topman ‘Best’ Range

Topman ‘Best’ Range - Thumbnail Image

Topman have recently released a small and fairly unheard of range known as ‘Topman Best’. The range consists of no more then eight key pieces, all of which are tops. The key premise behind this range is pretty self-explanatory, they have transformed everyday plains t-shirts and granddads into something that bit more special. Detailing on
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