Cheapest American Crew Fiber (and other grooming bits…)

American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber

A site that I’ve been fond of for a while now is Feel Unique as they offer American Crew Fiber (the 100g or ‘larger’ version) for the paltry sum of just £8.30 – that’s including delivery to any destination in the world!  So even if you’re stuck on holiday or your desert pied-a-terre somewhere you can still make sure that your weave looks intact.

The website is actually great; their prices are the cheapest I have ever come across (although feel free to let us know if you have found cheaper, we’d love to know) and they stock a whole range of brands including Zirh; Clinique; Calvin Klein and TIGI.  Additionally, as it’s Christmas and its the time for giving, they even do a load of goodies for your better half too (like the Touche Eclat which I recently purchased for my misses, but I digress) so you can ensure that you notch up the brownie points for minimum cost.

The top 10 items list on the right is a great addition as it lets you know what the decent products are (or at least what are the most popular), to help whittle down the options in case you are too spoilt for choice.  Delivery times tend to be fairly good (considering it’s free) with a 3-4 day turnaround, but don’t expect it to arrive next day and there’s no payable option for this even if it’s what you really want.

All in all, a great little find.


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