Hollister comes to the UK

After the arrival of the overtly American Abercrombie & Fitch began to take over the realm of the young and rich in London’s fashion world two summers ago, the same people now bring you ‘Hollister’.

Where A & F has taken heavy influence from the preppy collegiate lifestyle of rich ivy league college (university) students in America, Hollister flips this idea on its head and is driven by the Californian beach bum look. You will find that the product is very similar to that of  A & F, nothing cutting edge or unique here. They pretty much sell all the casual wardrobe basics – tees, shirts, jeans and the like. Many of the fits are identical to Abercrombie’s; most t-shirts are a tight muscle fit, whilst the jeans come in the standard cuts of regular, slim-fit and boot cut. Even the atmosphere in the store is the same with the overly loud music, pungent smell of cologne in the air and of course the overly enthusiastic ‘store models’.  (I was one myself, albeit a rare unenthusiastic one).  

Where it differs from its brother brand is the detailing on the clothing, the moose logo has been replaced with what i can only assume is some kind of beach bird and much of the clothing has some sort of ripped or used attribute to portray its beachy image. Overall the clothes are well made and fit nicely and they aren’t quite as pricey as you may find in Abercrombie. A standard print tee retails for around £18 and a pair of jeans will hit you for £50 which isn’t too bad considering what you may pay for jeans of the same quality elsewhere. 

Even if you aren’t into the sort of young American style that Hollister and Abercrombie provide i suggest at least going to have a look, if not for the clothes then for the more interesting female employees selling them.

Check out the Hollister website or alternatively visit one of the stores found in Brent Cross, Bluewater or Westfield Shopping Centre.


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