Menswear = Recession Proof?

Tommaso Aquilano & Roberto Rimondi

Tommaso Aquilano & Roberto Rimondi

It looks like a whole host of designers have jumped on the menswear bandwagon including Gianfranco Ferre, Gareth Pugh, Roland Mouret, Carlos Miele, Christophe Decarnin and Matthew Williamson. With the hugely saturated womenswear market becoming increasingly more difficult to make profitable, it’s no surprise really.

The good news for men of the world is that this does mean an enviable range of designers that have previously been exclusive to the traditional world of womenswear, will soon be making inroads into the menswear market, which should spruce up lines across the board and make way for increased competition and better quality couture.

The most recent addition to the lineup in the form of Gianfranco Ferre, was recently headed up by Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi and who were only debuting their womenswear line for GF in September of 2008. The new range will be showcased at Milan Fashion Week, which starts on Sunday, 18th January.

Whether or not these designers will be able to cater for men is yet to be seen and the difference in designing for the crossover could prove a challenge too far for many of them entering this growing market.

This is especially more so when you consider that – and this maybe disputed, but – menswear will always be considered less creative and innovative than its counterpart.


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