Tassel Shoes – Making a comeback?

Gucci Tassel - Two-tone

Gucci Tassel - Two-tone

Reading Esquire this month, you might come across an interesting little column regarding tasselly and snaffly shoes – but are they really making a comeback? With the launch of Frost/Nixon last year, the snaffle shoe of old – which was highly popularised in the late 90’s by Gucci – helped to reintroduce this formerly-dying breed to the fashion market.

The look as described in Esquire is reminiscent of the old-English collegiate, with a leaning towards a sockless and shortened hem look. What you may be wondering is whether the return of the Gucci snaffle – which epitomised the “Essex-boy” look of former years – could make its way back to grace; well, Gucci have, at least, made an attempt to diversify with the introduction of block and multi-colourway, low profile tassels for their Spring/Summer 09 cruise range.

We’re not so sure about even attempting to bring back the sockless-with-shoes fad, but this variety could work well with a casual trouser in a complementary colour with some knitwear on top.

Take a look and share your thoughts below.

Available for £340 from the online Gucci store.


Gucci Tassel - Black

Gucci Tassel - Two-tone


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Tassel Shoes - Making a comeback? | Eddie&Edward added these pithy words on Jan 20 09 at 12:29 am

Ooh, I love the colors of this shoes!! 🙂

Trish added these pithy words on Jan 18 09 at 4:27 am

kill me…
…just kill me now.

Danielle added these pithy words on Jan 28 09 at 2:15 pm

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