Obama now in – but the runway remains ‘White’

A Black Model

A Black Model

The inauguration ceremony took place yesterday and has united the world as a celebration of progress for ethnic minorities globally, but it seems that the world of fashion, in all its austerity, still has a long way to go in order to catch up with modern day politics.

It seems that the models on show in Milan have been distinctly lacking in colour and although some might argue that fashion is just facade and may not have any overbearing implications – aside from what clothes we will buy and wear in the coming months and years – the important thing to remember is the incredible influence that designers and the fashion media have on consensus and in particular, children. The media is always under scrutiny for the way in which it portrays beauty, and the lack of diversity on the catwalk is definitely a threat to the future of children who buy the magazines and view the advertisements. I digress.

It just seems incredible that in the same month that we see the United States introduce a black president, that some of the most influential brands in the modern world – including Gucci and Prada – refuse to even include a black model as part of their lineup.

And it doesn’t even end there; black people have been pushing for representation for the best part of the last century but what about the other ‘forgotten’ minorities like the Indians and the Chinese? Are none of these ‘beautiful’ enough to grace the catwalks either?

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