Mens UGG Boots – Yay or Nay?

A Man in Uggs - Weird?

A Man in Uggs - Weird?

For a few years now the UGG boot phenomenon has been steadily progressing as more and more women can be seen out shopping on a cold day or even on their way to the office wearing what I personally used to describe as “furry moon boots”. I could never really understand why these monstrosities were so popular with the fairer sex, they don’t particularly make any woman (even the most gorgeous of them) look good and coupled with this they cost upwards of £120! So why have these strange furry moon boots become so popular with the guys and should they really be part of our shoe collections? Read on to see what the Stylenerds think.

The general consensus among most guys at the pub is that they would never be caught dead in a pair of UGG boots, many don’t even like to see them on girls, yet why has it become such a common sighting on the streets of some of the countries biggest cities? In truth these sheepskin-lined boots have been dividing the female fashion set for years now – with some loving the squishy comfort shoes, while others would rather walk over broken glass than be seen dead in them. I believe that this will be the trend with the boots for men, some, unfortunately, will like them, will others wont even entertain the thought, and if they do I imagine they’ll lock that thought up and throw away the key.

Even the fact that celebs including David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are said to be fans doesn’t seem to be doing much to sway them. Although a few footie fans were impressed to hear City star Sean Wright Phillips has recently been seen sporting them at training (oh dear!)

So this is the part where we would normally give you some info on where to buy yourself a pair and how much they’ll set you back but I just can’t do it. I refuse to be responsible for contributing to the sight of a couple out shopping together wearing the same coloured UGG boots.

Stylenerds verdict: Stay clear at all costs, spend your £140 on a gadget, your car or even 35 Big Mac meals from Mcdonalds just stay clear of the UGG Store in Westfields…oops!


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love love uggs, great ideas.

schuhe uggs added these pithy words on Aug 27 10 at 2:50 pm

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