Hermès Ulysse Agenda – The Ultimate Gentleman’s Accessory

Hermes Ulysse Agenda

Hermes Ulysse Agenda

One thing that the modern age has lost due to technology and general day-to-day distractions is the personal diary or journal, used to jot down our most intimate “man-thoughts”, doodles and other associated rants.  Girls do still use this kind of stuff – as far as I’m aware – although, even if their use of such products were to be charted, it would probably show a declining trend too.  Well, just like Alfie, we at Stylenerds want to bring back this ubiquitous man accessory so let us re-introduce the Little Black Book.

The word “Ulysses” seems to be in vogue at the moment – at least with this and the forthcoming Franz Ferdinand track coinciding at the time of writing this article – so, I felt compelled to expose the background of this synonym.  

Ulysses” is the latin for Odysseus, who was one of the mythical characters from Homer’s Iliad and was brought to life by Sean Bean in the Hollywood movie “Troy” .  Odysseus was also known as Odysseus the Cunning as he was known for his guile, intelligence and resourcefulness.  This whole journal-writing thing is sounding more and more like a good idea already.  

The best part, however, is that his great-grandfather was Hermes; an Olympian god who created fire, invented racing and wrestling, and wore shoes with wings on so he could fly.  What a man.

So there you have it, a new/old accessory and a history lesson all in one article – aren’t you glad you visited today?  We’ve even given you the origin of the brand name. 

Pick up the agenda online from Hermès for £195.

Hermes Ulysse Agenda

Hermes Ulysse Agenda - Detail


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I carry a molskine on the daily! You cant let your thoughts & ideas slip away.

The Refined Man added these pithy words on Jan 31 09 at 8:06 pm

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