Breath of Fresh Air – Bleu de Paname

With only their first collection, they have turned heads and received a lot of press attention. They are currently stocked in many of the top boutiques/shops around the world, Dover Street Market (London), Kapok (Hong Kong) and Colette (Paris) to name a few…

I went to go and check out their latest collection at Dover Street Market and could quite clearly see what the fuss was about. The Jeans are made from a lovely 13oz denim, which in my opinion is a nice weight for everyday use as well as keeping that rigid denim feel that we all love! Denim shirts are flavour of the month at the moment and Bleu de Paname have one of the best designs out there at the moment. I also love the shape of the pocket flaps on the shirts from the rest of the collection.

I suppose what is really refreshing about Bleu de Paname is that their inspirations are somewhat unconventional. Across their collection, they have taken sources of inspiration from 21st century military, British prisons and the blue collar industry.

Stylenerds eagerly anticipate their second look book which is due to be released shortly. Below are some pictures from their first collection and also a sneak peak into the making of the 2nd look book. Check their website for your nearest stockist



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