So Fresh, So Clean Vol. 2 – How to Wash your Denim Properly

It really irritates me when people don’t know how to wash their jeans properly. They spend a lot of money on a nice pair of jeans and end up treating it such a way that causes the denim to lose shape and feel like a pair of jogging pants. To stop the slaughter of denim in cities all across the globe, Moses has decided to write a little guide to washing your denim properly…

1) This is the first and most important tip to washing your jeans…DON’T WASH THEM unless you really have to ie: rubbing kebab meat all over your legs or some other non-descript mass spillage. FACT: I have worn many pairs of jeans for 18 months without washing them. If they smell of cigarettes or something more pungent, air them out for a day. If they still smell, wash them immediately because they probably are containing a new strain of the H1N1 virus.

2) OK, now you have come to a point where you have to wash them but you still want that rigidity and ruggedness when you first bought them. You have two options, you either take them to the dry cleaners or you can go to the beach! I recommend that you only dry clean once for the lifetime of the jeans. If you want to go to the beach to wash your jeans, take a dip in them for about 5 minutes, rub dry sand on your jeans and repeat this process about 3 times. When you’re done, just rinse in cold water (no salt) and let them dry in the sun. This seawater method is particularly good at keeping your denim very rigid.

3) Since we don’t all have the luxury of living near a beach and you had no option but to take the dry cleaning route, you will need to do the following for the second wash: Soak your jeans in cold water for about an hour with WOOLITE BLACK, once done, rinse and roll in a towel and then leave to dry.

Tip: It may sound obvious to some of you, but I am going to say it anyway: If you don’t want your jeans to bleed (fade), wash them inside out.

It might seem like a lot of extra effort to wash your jeans but if you think about it, you will only do this once or twice a year. That has been Moses’s Guide on How to Wash your Denim Properly, let me know how you all get along and if you have any other tips to bring to the table.



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Fair points on what I thought were long established methods for “preserving” denim. However, not everyone wants their denim to remain as rigid as the day they bought it, I prefer mine to fade nicely and break in with age and to this end I find nothing better than an intial period or hard, sustained wear before chucking them in on a 40 degree wash.

For me the whole rigid thing is just too stiff in both look and attitude.

Ben added these pithy words on Oct 30 09 at 11:21 am

but what if your jeans stretch out? that’s mainly the reason I wash them…to get them to fit more snug again. should I just throw them in the dryer??

juliette added these pithy words on Nov 12 09 at 11:28 pm

Det som er irriterende er når folk ikke kan skrive ordentlig norsk.

Kyndig språkkjenner added these pithy words on Nov 14 09 at 4:57 pm

some good tips, the beach tip is not exactly practical however I agree quality denim deserves to be treated correctly.

Aspire added these pithy words on Dec 12 09 at 1:05 am

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