Oliver Spencer X Monocle – Simple, Functional & Chic?

I am a great fan of Monocle magazine. Why? Monocle has also really tapped an area of the market that has been left malnourished for a considerable amount of time and this very brave during these challenging times for the publishing sector. As a part of their offering, they have set up shop in London, Los Angeles and online. The range is very exclusive and features brands from around the world which pride themselves on quality and have a strong sense of individuality.

The Oliver Spencer shirt is one of the many goodies featured in the Monocle store. This shirt features the classic Oxford style shirt plus some added extras. The shirt has been contructed using the highest quality cotton coupled with the trademark slim cuffs. It has also been “jazzed” up with a hidden pocket by the waist, which is handy and there is also pen/passport chest pocket.  Available from collar sizes 15-17″. There are only 60 of these in each colour (white/blue) worldwide and are available from their stores (London and Los Angeles) and also online.



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~I have to admit up until recently I hadn’t paid Oliver Spencer much attention, but having had to look at it more closely over the last couple of weeks for my work, I have to say I really regret not paying it enough attention in the past.

And this Oliver Spencer shirt is a great example of why – it shows how the label is able to create classic pieces that have all the design elements to a man look amazing whilst also
giving it that modern twist which makes turns it into a whole new fashion must have item.

Michelle added these pithy words on Oct 05 09 at 12:05 pm

I own a couple of Oliver Spencer shirts and just love the quality and tailoring. Have been looking at the arlington geen Pole jacket as well, I think it’s really neat.

Thomas added these pithy words on Oct 07 09 at 9:41 am

Michelle, you’re spot on! Admittedly, I only just fallen in love with Oliver Spencer during a recent trip to Liberty…I also fell in love with Arne & Carlos amongst many other things.

Thomas, I’ll definitely have to check that Jacket out!

Moses added these pithy words on Oct 12 09 at 10:22 pm

These shirts would look so good with the accessories available at


I have a number of pairs of these and they are fabulous

Stuart added these pithy words on Nov 16 09 at 12:24 am

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