Burberry SS 2010 – Behind The Scenes

We have kindly been granted permission by the guys at Burberry to publish exclusive behind-the-scenes images of the campaign for Spring-Summer 2010, featuring the stunning Emma Watson.

This appears to be an interesting venture by the long-established British company, as they target this new generation which are just coming of age and taking fashion into the next decade.

Take a peek at the secret snaps below.

cfe477b1-cb22-4b73-abb5-0e4067e4e5ec.jpg0ebc926a-49c4-4742-bfe7-c82fd6889b9a.jpg1c1b1e81-dbef-4cd3-b227-5ac2b88a4053.jpg 6d437c38-123d-481d-bfbd-65f27b0d78ea.jpg74ecef9b-b785-4256-abd1-a97c0ff04a3c.jpg68456a1b-b9e7-499d-8bdf-772c30547fd5.jpg 39253154-182a-4ef6-99d4-9bdb9bf7af4a.jpgba226dbd-5a79-4848-b03c-c3eef9c3624a.jpgc1c48b9b-2396-4871-b516-51a98b331486.jpgc8e04fb9-fce5-4f80-942a-0df14c4f20be.jpgc13f1d35-579b-4b29-80b7-5f7ea1b624db.jpgc640e0b6-2969-4303-bb29-24fdf912f32a.jpgd44ba149-7181-436d-8a48-4a7ec17ad460.jpg e8999fb4-5040-44ea-9ca6-44976232c5c4.jpg f313ac37-c519-49b3-a5a9-86d4d527cbe8.jpgff498cb9-c417-4ca1-bd51-92b1a2ecebd4.jpg


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