The Fashion Crime of 2009

I’ve had the best part of a month to reflect on 2009 so here it is…This crime is soooo bad it’s happening right underneath our noses without most of us even knowing. These criminals own a lovely branded v neck jumper or cardigan and love to break the fashion law on a regular basis.

There are people out there who also own set of rosary beads even though they are not remotely religious and don’t even know the purpose of them. These very people are considered to be extremely experienced and have recruited many others to join their clans. They want to ensure that this crime spreads rapidly and what they like to call on the down low”.

The Fashion Crime of 2009 has to be the v-neck or cardigan with nothing underneath. The trend has been growing over the last 2 years but now it has really reached it’s peak. Experts say that the growth in this Crime is directly proportional to the success of the group JLS (X factor). Knitwear is ALWAYS meant to be worked with layering and this just doesn’t obey that law, not to mention the consequences of sweat coming into contact with a highly  absorbent material such as wool.

What do you think the fashion crime of 2009 was? Stick your comments below! Also, check our previous article on Fashion Faux-pas


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i think the biggest fashion crime that i saw in 2009 that has continued into the new year is skinny jeans!!! being worn incorrectly why would any man or boy in his right mind sag skinny jeans its obvious that they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jp added these pithy words on Feb 02 10 at 8:17 pm

every day is a deep V day

Anonymous added these pithy words on Feb 11 10 at 6:36 pm

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