So Fresh, So Clean Vol. 4: The Essential Skincare Routine

In recent years, the borders of metrosexuality have be pushed thanks to: the emergence of “guy liner”, the growing acceptance of frying your skin cells till they beg for mercy at the sun bed and many others. Although these measures maybe a bridge too far, it still remains essential to keep your skin clean and healthy everyday to avoid looking like Mick “The Leather Face” Jagger when you’re 25.

I have listed 5 steps to a perfect skincare routine below and even though it may seem labourious at first, once you “nail” the routine you should be sorted in just over 5 minutes.

Step 1: Exfoliating

Exfoliating will get rid of all the dead skin cells & impurities that can build up around the nose and other areas on the face. It can also help in the removal of balckheads and also prevent them from reappearing. However, it is really important that you buy a daily scrub as some scrubs on the market can be too course. If you do continually use a scrub which is not suitable for daily use, you will end up taking off the top level of healthy skin and leaving your face susceptible to infection, break outs and a tad red.

Stylenerds Recommends:

DHC AP Scrub for Men: $

Shiseido Men’s Deep Cleansing Scrub: $$

Menscience Microfine face scrub: $$$

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Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Face Scrub: $$

Step 2: Cleansing

This is a very important as a cleanser will go where no facial scrub has ever been before. To start, I would splash some cold water several times on your face to stimulate blood flow followed by the application of the cleanser. Make sure that the cleanser has been massaged in to all areas of the face properly so that the cleanser does all the work for you! Once that is done, you should rinse your face again and dry off for the next step…

Stylenerds recommends:

Nivea for Men Q10 revitalising face wash: $

Lab Series for Men Multi Action Face wash: $$

Aesop: Parsley Seed Facial Cleaning Oil: $$$

Stylenerds Uses:

Kiehls Facial Fuel Energising Wash: $$

Step 3: Eye Cream

Eye cream is particularly important to my routine due to constant lack of sleep. The skin under your eye in the thinnest part of skin on your whole entire body so it important to pay it some extra care and attention. When applying the eye cream do not rub it in like a moisturiser! Instead, you should gently pat it on the area around your eyes until it has been absorbed. When that has been done, gently massage the area around your eyes to get your blood pumping.

Stylenerds Recommends:

L’Oreal Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On $

Kiehl’s Eye Alert: $$

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Eye Serum: $$$

Stylenerds Uses:

Dr G. Vital Energising Eye Gel: $$

Perricone MD: High Potency Eye Lift: $$$

Step 4: Moisturising

Choosing the most suitable moisturiser is the final piece of the puzzle to a skincare masterpiece. Most moisturisers out there are  great to use on almost any skin type but the factor I find most challenging is the climate in which you are in. Thicker and slightly heavier moisturisers are great for the colder and dryer climates to ensure moisture is locked and and your skin is feeling smooth. These moisturisers just won’t work as well in the warmer and more humid climates. They will start to clog up your pores which will give your sweat glands the green light and before you know it, moisturiser is all gone because you’ve been sweating like (insert joke here)! Ultimately, it’s all down to trial and error and seeing how your skin reacts.

Stylenerds Recommends

DHC Virgin Olive Oil: $

L’Oreal Men Expert Turbo Booster Moisturiser : $

Kiehls Facial Fuel Energising Moisturiser : $$

Kyoku Facial Moisturiser: $$$

Stylenerds Uses

Dr. G Man Care Oil Control Moisturising Gel: $$$/$$

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M Lotion: $$

So thats how to keep your face fresh and clean! All the products mentioned are available from either Mankind, Boots or Sasa. Watch out for up coming reviews on some of the products mentioned


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