Vans E-Street Hemp Shoes

I know we’re still a good two months away but with the weather getting warmer, and the days getting longer it feels as if summer is upon us. So while trying to get as much of this beautiful weather as we can why not do it with the new Vans E-street series (And yes, you may be asking yourselves ‘wheres the connection with summer and these shoes’, but hey… i had to start with something)

I’ll let Vans do the talking:

‘The Vans E-Street is a new classic if that makes any sense. Straight outta the 1970’s the E-Street is a card carrying Surf series slide with the lowest of low-profiles, vulcanized construction and soft natural hemp uppers. Hemp requires no pesticides or fertilizer and needs less water to grow then cotton. Vans surf uses hemp to move one step closer towards lessening their footprint on the planet…’

Other then being soo-ecofriendly, the shoes themselves are a gem coming in two colourways, Gusauskas Black & Doheny Red. Pricewise being £32.50 over at Urbanindustry, their really good on the pocket too.

Check below for a closer look.


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Comments ( 3 )

I’m gonna pop to vans store and get me a pair of these. I could really do with a pair of fresh Vans right now!

James Woodward added these pithy words on Apr 21 10 at 4:50 am

Seriously, when I hear hemp, it makes me want to smoke a joint. But going back to your blog entry, these shoes look great. Simple colors are my thing, so I like ’em.

Welp, it’s off to the shoe store for me.

Abbey added these pithy words on Apr 27 10 at 4:59 pm

I love these Vans. On about my 10th pair in various styles. Timeless!

Jen And added these pithy words on Apr 06 11 at 11:50 am

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